Alexei Repetko, CEO of Nika Craft Talks about Technology, Sustainability and Robust Solutions

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Incepted in 1995 and based in Ukraine, Nika Craft caters to the clients with high-quality software solutions. The company holds an experienced team about 50 developers from Eastern Europe, Ukraine. Furthermore, it also owns 8+ important projects with a workforce of over 50000 from Europe and Japan. Recently, GoodFirms team interviewed Alexei Repetko, the CEO of Nika Craft who proudly states that the company is having more than 21 years of experience with NDA enterprise projects. With headquarters in Ukraine, Nika Craft develops and delivers software solutions that empower companies with the visibility and control needed to spend smarter, simpler, and faster. The company’s services cover web development, mobile development, prototyping, providing dedicated teams, desktop development, quality control, cloud development, and IT consulting.

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Alexei mentions that as engineers with high technical and computer science backgrounds, he and his team were passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with customers and partners. This idea of sharing inspired them to start Nika Craft. “I ached to understand every functional domain within the industry in firms of all sizes and business standards,” he explains. “Nika Craft gives the most comprehensive platform for the customers worldwide to manage all of their business spending,” Alexei explains. Yet, beyond that, he believes the software and the intelligence that can be gathered from the community it serves enable companies to unlock their highest potential by giving them more resources and understanding to power their missions. Besides this, the experts’ team is conducting most of its projects in cooperation with their partners from western and Japanese market.

Continuing with the interview, Alexei the CEO of Nika Craft describes the two most flourishing services catered by the company to the clients from different regions. Alexei's laser focus is on ensuring customer success and delivering results that align with Nika Craft's core values. Rather than singling out a single occasion, Alexei says his proudest moments are each time a client shares a story about Nika Craft delivering on its promise to drive value. Digital presence is a robust tool in order to deliver business value and upgrade performance. The team at Nika Craft masterfully combines proven development techniques and innovations to render an exceptional user experience. To provide the best solution possible, the team pays close attention to clients' product vision. To provide stylish and interaction design, the team at Nika Craft, focuses on a custom approach. No matter how complicated the technological aspect of the product, it will be simple and intuitive to navigate. The team is capable of producing clickable archetypes to give a comprehensive vision of the final result.

“Developing IT solutions is our passion, and we are going to advance your project performance by creating software that will meet all of your business needs," - says Alexei. With many experts, Nika Craft implements clients' ideas and surpasses their expectations with the superiority of solutions. Clients get a full-cycle software development service. Thus, armed with such a professional team of software developers who ensure delivery of the best software, Nika Craft would soon get listed amongst the top software development companies in Ukraine at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms is confirming the quality service offerings rendered by the experts at Nika Craft.

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It's time to convert designs into realities. HTML and CSS are the foundations of all web design projects. The team considers it a top priority to ensure that every site developed is perfectly organized using the latest HTML and CSS standards. The web developers use technical programming standards that bolster user experience while laying the preliminaries for optimal search engine exposure. Moreover, the team utilizes the most exceptional tools to write the correct code that forms the backbone of the websites, and the in-house team builds every project from scratch. The expert web developers know the quality of the website's code, which creates the difference between a site that serves clients' needs for a few months and long-term. Thus, creating robust, beautiful, and highly-customized sites that thrive on all platforms would soon endow Nika Craft to get dubbed amongst the top web developers in California at GoodFirms.

Having gone through the above-mentioned in-depth discussion between Alexei with the GoodFirms’ interviewer, one can also have a glance at the detailed interview at GoodFirms.

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