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Web Development

As a team of professionals, we will support you throughout the process of development, deployment, staging and production cycles of your web based solution. Either you have already created one or you have to create it from the scratch.

Dedicated Team

We can provide you with a dedicated development team. Our professionals will dive deep into your product, business processes and not only will they perform on time but also share best practices we have experienced.


Mobile Development

From design to mocks and through prototyping to implementation and going to production. Our intention is to create simple and clear application design with reach functionality at the same time.



As a team of enthusiasts, we love to create new products. So, research and prototyping are the best part of the work of the product being started. We will listen to your ideas, discuss them with you and create new user experiences and let it all work.


Desktop Development

Though we live in the world of growing web and mobile market there are still a bunch of professional spheres that require desktop implementations. If you’re interested in creating one you’ve come to the right place.


Quality Control

One of the most important stages of software development is quality assurance. We control quality on all development stages with unit-testing, integration testing, manual testing and automated UI-tests.


Cloud Development

As your audience grow you need more facilities to guarantee the service. We can help you to build up your architecture based on cloud services to use as much resources as you need dynamically. Be sure, you’ll be able to grow as fast as it will be needed.

IT Consulting

Often before starting any development it’s required to make series of decisions, analyze business processes, split the changes into steps, analyze risks and decide which areas might be covered with some existing solutions and so on. We will do our best to make it as fast and accurate as possible.






From Idea to a Product



At this phase, come to us with an idea and we will help you to break it into features.
Together, we discuss your expectations about future product based on your business goals. As a result, we get a detailed road map. It shows what will be implemented, in which way and when.



This is a step, when all expected features will be implemented and tested according to the plan.
We use SCRUM methodology as a key to success in the project development. It means that at the end of each one or two weeks (a sprint), our customer gets for review a tested and usable piece of a product.



When the development is completed, we re-run functional and non-functional tests.
You will be ensured, that the system works as expected and prove that all requirements are met and features are documented. Following the successful completion of that process, the solution is deployed to production.


Support and maintenance

We provide ongoing software maintenance and support for our customers.
We believe, that it is the right way to build a longstanding relationship with our customers.

Our Team

  • We are The Team one can dream of.
  • Our values are your time and the happiness of everyone who comes into contact with what we do.
  • Our aim is to make a quality product to be proud of.
  • Our rule is to be open and honest to customer and to deliver more than it was expected.
  • We build friendly team to rich high productivity and best results, we love what we do.


Naradana WebSolutions

Andreas Stankewitz
Owner and General Manager of Naradana WebSolutions in Germany

I had the pleasure to work with Nika Craft and its founder/owner Alexei Repetko multiple times in the past. The projects ranged from shopping API analysis and implementation, security programming with YubiKey API, and complex UI and system programming for the Naradana Platform.
Already appreciating the high standard of competence of the Nika Craft employees I was especially impressed by the positive working atmosphere. The positive and constructive attitude of all team-members was exemplary and allowed an easy going collaboration while maintaining a professional working style.
Also, I found that Mr. Repetko takes human values as important as fair business agreements and therefore provides a great working environment for his employees.
I'm looking forward to the next opportunity to work again with the people at Nika Craft.

Alex Ros
Managing Director at imitrix GmbH Mannheim Area, Germany

For more than 5 years we work with Nika Craft on several projects for imitrix products as well together with our clients on their Web, App and Windows projects.
The staff is very experienced, top motivated, creative and well organized. Every project setup and communication went very smooth and transparent from the beginning. We solely apply the SCRUM process, and Nika Craft is a well experienced SCRUM practitioner in all roles including Product Owner.
All projects were finished in time and saved money for us and our client.
We are very happy to work with NIKA Craft, and will continue many years.




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Years in business
Man-years of development for clients
Completed projects
Large customers (people 50000+)
Alexei Repetko

Alexei Repetko


I am very proud of the team, who enjoys the trust and confidence of our clients and partners.
Masha Savelenko

Masha Savelenko

QA Engineer

Most of the time of my life I spend at work, so the ecosystem inside the team and its each member are the most important factors which make me happy each working day and be the stimulus for me to become better and better.
Artem Palamarchuk

Artem Palamarchuk

Software Engineer

It's really cool to work in a team with professionals. Different technologies, multifaceted tasks and knowledge sharing are keys to good quality product.
Alexander Nazarov

Alexander Nazarov

Software Engineer

I’m happy to work for such a stable and reliable team.
On top of that, I really appreciate, that people in our company – are big value!
Andrew Palamarchuk

Andrew Palamarchuk

Software Engineer

I love our company for our team. The Team for me is that we all are ready to help each other. We grow together and our overall result is much bigger then it would be if we were separated.

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